Monday, January 17, 2011

Writing Coaches

QUESTION:  I keep seeing advertisements for writing coaches.  What are they and do you think they are worth the money? 
A writing coach is similar to a life coach who coaches you on way to change and kicks your metaphorical rear so you make the changes.  The writing coach specializes in working with writers on writing.  
I guess whether you want one boils down to how much handholding you need, how much cash you can afford in a business where the likelihood of making a profit is slim, and how fast you want to be up and running on your craft.  
Choosing a writing career and making it work requires the strength of character to keep moving forward in adversity as well as the ability to choose to write every day when everything from your health, your family, and anything fun seems to attract or distract you more.  If you don't have that drive and strength, no writing coach can give it to you in the long term when they only stay in the short term.  
If you decide you need a writing coach, be sure she has the kind of background you need in your specific genre or subgenre, and she's a decent teacher.  Some of us are born teachers, and some aren't.  If it's possible, take her on for a short period to test her abilities out rather than signing up for a long-term deal.  


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Marilynn's Workshop Schedule and Information Links
Writing in the Moment April 11-May 8, 2011 

How to get your voice, viewpoint, and craft so perfect that you disappear and your story comes alive.  Lots of worksheets. 

The Blurb: Mother of All Promotions July 25-August 7, 2011 
A blurb is the pithy description of your novel in a query letter, the short "elevator pitch" used at a writer's conference, the log line for online promotion, and the all important back cover copy for a published novel.  Without a great blurb, a novel won't be noticed by agents and editors.  
 Marilynn Byerly--creator of a blurb system used by university publishing courses, publishers, and many authors-- will show you how to create that perfect blurb for your novel.  The course will include a number of worksheets and in-class blurb analysis.