Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Links of Interest

EDITOR INTERVIEW: The editor of Juno Books, the urban fantasy imprint of Pocket, is interviewed.

NEW EBOOK READER: Yet another competitor for Amazon’s Kindle.


PUBLISHING BUSINESS: A blog which explains how the book goes from the publisher to the bookstore to the consumer.

PARANORMAL ROMANCE VERSUS URBAN FANTASY DEFINED: Be sure to read the comments section.

CRAFT: Writing the short story or novella. Advice for the novelist.

PROMOTION: Building blog traffic. Part 2.

CRAFT: When should you join a critique group?

1 comment:

ozambersand said...

As always I am overwhelmed by the amount of helpful information out there if you only know where to find it.
I found the "Book Sales Demystified" blog very informative. It really shows the difference between the marketing of epublishing and hard copy publishing. The process and promotional aspects are quite different.
I haven't checked out all the links yet and there are lots of past blogs on Nathan's site alone to make me a more informed newbie!
Thanks for sharing the links Marilynn