Wednesday, June 10, 2009

LInks of Interest

MARKETS: Agent Kristin Nelson blogs on her talk with a children’s book editor and explains what a “Karaoke young adult novel” is and why editors don’t want to see them.

QUERIES: On the Wendy Sherman Associates blog, Michelle Bower talks about the top ten query mistakes.

PUBLISHING TERMS: Agent Jessica Faust’s revised and expanded publishing terms dictionary.

MARKETS: What editors AREN’T looking for.

CRAFT: Agent Nathan Bransford gives a great checklist to use while revising a novel.

MARKETS: Agent Caren Johnson talks about what she and editors are looking for.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Author Joe Nassise explains advances and royalties.


I'm teaching two writing workshops in July.

“Keeping the Reader Reading the First Chapter”

Drawing a reader into the first chapter of your novel is more than an exciting beginning, more than a “cute meet,” more than a sexy hero and a feisty heroine. Step by step, I'll show you the craft needed to draw the reader into your novel and make her eager to keep reading.

To learn more and register, go here:

“Magic, Monsters and Amour: Creating a Believable Paranormal World”

Are vampires, fairies, and space aliens real? If you create the right background for your novel, they will be to your reader.

Marilynn Byerly, lauded by reviewers for "building a world that combines both integrity and depth in an entertaining way," shows you how to develop a fantasy, science fiction, or paranormal world from to invent creatures to populate it...and how to make your novel utterly believable. She'll teach you the ins and outs of research, fresh ways to use creatures like vampires, and the means to avoid various traps many authors have fallen into.

To learn more and register, go here:

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