Monday, March 3, 2008

Picking An Epublisher, Part 1 of 2, MARKETS

If you've read my two blogs on the pros and cons of different types of publishers, ("To Market, To Market," January 25 and 26, 2008), and you've decided on marketing your book to epublishers, here's how you find likely candidates.

Picking an epublisher is a bit trickier than picking a traditional New York publisher because there are so many and their methods are so different.

To start your search, first check out review sites and look for reviews of novels similar to yours and see which ones get the praise. If you can't tell an ebook publisher from one of the traditional publishers, use Google to check out the publisher. Soon, you'll recognize publisher names.

You can also ask about in various online writing groups and sites where writers hang out. Some clueless types hype their very poor publishers so don't take everything you hear as correct.

When you find likely publishers, check out their site. Look at the kinds of books they sell.

If your book is straight fantasy, you may regret a publisher which emphasizes romance on its home page or has a very small amount of fantasy because you'll have difficulty selling to the fantasy crowd even if your book is a perfect example of a great fantasy. The SF/fantasy crowd tend to be snobs and run in the opposite direction if they associate your publisher with romance.

NOTE: In my blog on February 21st about when to put up your website, I said that I've never heard of an agent or editor looking for a website during the submission process of a first novel.

Well, as timing would have it, one agent has said she does look for a website or some form of web presence at this stage of submission.

Here she is: Rachel Vader You'll find the comment in her February 26th blog entry.

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