Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Links of Interest

QUERIES: How to query nonfiction.

MARKETS: Editors are eagerly looking for next big debut author in mainstream/literary fiction.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: This year in publishing recapped.


EDITING: Yet more suggestions to clean up your manuscript. This time, removing extra spaces.

WRITING EXERCISES: Authors list their most effective writing exercises.

PROMOTION: Are booksignings worth it?

PROMOTION: Can you have an online platform AND keep your life private?

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: What happens after you sell your book to a major publisher.

PROMOTION: What you need to do to get yourself in the reading public eye.

BOOKS ON WRITING: Suggestions of writing books on everything from craft to marketing.

AGENTS: Agent Chip MacGregor is taking questions for the next week. So go read the answers and ask one yourself. His blog entries have no special URL so you'll have to scroll down. Questions start on his December 22nd blog.

CRAFT and CHARACTERS: An interesting site that includes plot and character generators as well as tons of info on character psychology.

CRAFT: A writing challenge generator.

PROMOTION: Your book is out, now what?

CRAFT: Balancing worldbuilding, pace, and action.

CRAFT: How long should that short story be?

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