Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Links of Interest

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Why a writer should have professional goals and how to formulate them.

AGENTS: Agent Jenny Rappaport is closing her agency at the end of December because of the economy.

AUDIO "PUBLISHER" WARNING: Hudson Audio Publishing appears to be the newest scam to hit writer. (I've already received spam from them.)

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Contract Negotiation, Part 2.

CRAFT: Why a character does something. Creating backstory to make the story more believable.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: The big advance versus better royalties.

AGENTS: Do you need an agent who handles multiple genres when you write them.

CONTRACTS: Foreign rights.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Things not to do when sending a query to an editor or agent.

CRAFT: The small things you need to do during an edit.

EDITOR INTERVIEW: Karen Ball, Executive Editor of Pure Enjoyment fiction at B&H Publishing Group which is a Christian publisher.

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