Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Links of Interest

AGENTS: What should you expect from an agent.


BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: When does the money come? The confusion of a publishing contract explained. December 2, 2009 blog

CRAFT: Self-editing.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: The art of negotiating.

MARKETS: St. Martin Press has a new YA Teen line.

BRAIN SCIENCE: How a writer can use what we know about brain science and reading to become a better writer.’s-brain-can-neuroscience-teach-how-to-be-a-better-writer/

CRAFT: Common words many use incorrectly.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: How long should you wait to hear from an editor?

PROMOTION: Using fans to help promote.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Why those books appear at special spots and B&N and other bookstores.

MARKETS: The best paranormal fantasy (urban fantasy and paranormal romance) in the last ten years. A must read if this is your market.

CRAFT: Creating emotion in your stories.

CRAFT: Does your story have a message?

CRAFT: What a bad movie can tell you about not writing a bad book.


AGENTS: Agents from the point of view of an established author.

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