Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Links of Interest

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Agent Kristin Nelson begins a series on the nuts and bolts of contracts. First up, the royalty accounting periods.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: What the FCC ruling about bloggers and reviews will mean to authors.

PROMOTION: An author’s guide to working with publicists. (Be sure to check out the rest of this blog for new authors. It looks awesome.

AGENTS: A handy-dandy guide to finding the right literary agents to query.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: The profit and loss statement. Part One. This will be hard slogging if you aren’t that into business, but it’s worth your time. Read the dang thing!

Part Two: The Details

Part Three of Four: Exceptions to the rules mentioned.

SHORT STORY MARKETS: Bibliophile Stalker is maintaining a spreadsheet of speculative fiction short story anthologies looking for submissions.
If this link doesn’t work, go to to find a live link.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Why short stories are good for publishers and some writers. More about literary than genre fiction, but some interesting ideas.

PROMOTION: The Book Tour

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Royalty statements. Agent Kristin Nelson talks about the Random House royalty statement.

AGENT INTERVIEW: Agent Kelly Mortimer who handles mainly Christian fiction and romance.

CRAFT: Cutting down the overlong novel to publishable size.

AGENTS: What to do when an agent wants to represent you.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Getting permission to quote music lyrics.

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