Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Links of Interest

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: The ebook survey from the Frankfurt Bookfair on the future of ebooks as seen by publishing pros.

PROMOTION: Pro author promoters tell what an author needs to do to create a successful blog.

COPYRIGHT: Good overview of copyright including creative commons licenses.

PROMOTION: How to have a successful author event at a bookstore. Written for bookstore owners but with lots of good advice for an author.

EBOOK FORMATS: Scott Marlowe explains the different ebook formats available as well as their potential for conversion to other formats.

CRAFT: SF writer Vonda N. McIntyre discusses some of the pitfass of writing sf fantasy.’s-in-the-right-place/

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Agent Kristin Nelson talks about the major increases she’s seeing in ebook sales numbers from her clients.

PROMOTION: The first in a series on writing press releases.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Editor lists her blogs on many aspects of writing with the writer in mind. A Must Read!

CRAFT: The cure for the sagging middle of a novel.

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