Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LInks of Interest

MARKETS: Science fiction romance markets--small press and epublishers.

CRAFT: Fictional versus real settings.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: The new publishing paradigms. Agent Lucienne Diver talks about the changes in publishing and what it means for writers.

CRAFT: Does male viewpoint work in women’s fiction?

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Earn out. What it is and what it means for your career.

MARKET NEWS: Steam and cyberpunk wanted.

CRAFT: The active main character versus the reactive main character.

CRAFT: First impressions, the first paragraphs of your story.

MARKETS: Primarily sf/fantasy/horror markets for short stories and novels.

MARKETS: An automatic book description generator. It creates good general ideas but not the final product for a query.

PROMOTION: Online promotion. Social sites.

Yet more on social sites and the newer forms now appearing.

AGENTS: Questions to ask a reputable agent before signing up.

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