Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Links of Interest

CRAFT: How to critique your own manuscript. This subject continues through the week at this blog so keep reading past this entry.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Why you should be careful of what you say online.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Career planning and money. There’s no direct link to this article. Go to this website and look for the September 5th, 2009 entry.

CRAFT: Who is the main character of your story?

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Some of the factors to consider when you are trying to decide if you can quit your day job to be a full time writer.


MARKETS: Editorial Assistant, Latoya Smith, for Grand Central Publishing (formerly Time Warner Books) talks about what she’s looking for. Normally, GCP only looks at agented authors, but this blog doesn’t specify.

PROMOTION: When should an author pay for professional promotion? The September 9th blog at

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Why you need an agent even though the publisher doesn’t require one.

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ozambersand said...

Thanks once again for the links Marilynn.

I'm not sure if you've ever mentioned this one, but I am finding a lot of useful information on it.

I have started up my own Blog called "Write First Time". I've been waiting for an OK by author Denise Rossetti before I publish the rest of her interview. Then I'm going to post the rest of the alphabet.

You can find it at

And I've quoted you once so far in the "C"'s :)

After having 150 unread Blogs on my Google reader list when I returned from a vacation recently, I know the world doesn't really need another Blog, however hopefully mine has some uses.