Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Links of Interest

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING:  Agent Rachelle Gardner continues to explain the stages a book takes from proposal to being published in a series of articles.

The Writing and Editing Stage:


Title, Cover, and Marketing Plans:

AGENTS: The Etiquette of Querying Note: Some of this agent’s “rules” run counter to the way other agencies want you to query. ALWAYS read guidelines for each agency!

WORD COUNT IN NOVELS: Agent Jessica Faust discusses the suggested word count in various types of novels.

QUERIES: What makes an agent stop reading a query and why.

PROLOGUES: An editor discusses the pluses and minuses of using a prologue.

WORLDBUILDING: Why Magic Should Have a Cost in Fantasy.’s-special-then-no-one’s-special/

AGENTS WHO HANDLE SCIENCE FICTION: Author Josh Vogt lists ten major agents who handle sf.


CRAFT: How to Identify Dragging Narrative

TRUE CRIME OR FICTIONALIZED TRUE CRIME: The advantages and disadvantages of each. Sorry, there’s no direct link. This is the blog for July 27, 2009.

CRAFT: The danger of overused adjectives.

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