Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Links of Interest

MARKET NEWS: From RWA National

PSEUDONYMS: Author talks about her different pen names, their advantages and disadvantages.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Agent Rachelle Gardner shows the stages a book takes from proposal to being published in a series of articles.

The Proposal:

The Contract:

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Does being a celebrity count more the quality of writing? A publishing insider shows you the score. Literally.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Sometimes, you should compare your book to other authors. Agent Caren Johnson explains why.

Overview of the International Intellectual Property Association release of the 2003-2007 “Copyright Industries in the U.S. Economy”

AGENT INTERVIEW: Super agent Ethan Ellenberg

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ozambersand said...

Thanks again for the links Marilynn. As usual lots of helpful information for a newbie.