Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Links of Interest

PUBLISHING NEWS: Amazon has announced it will reprint books that deserve a second chance. First up is a self-published novel by a teenager.

CRAFT: Writing the scene so it does more than one thing.

CRAFT: Writing the Bad Girl Heroine.

CRAFT: How to write a great first draft.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: How Bookscan numbers can make or break your career.’t-know-about-bookscan-can-hurt-you/

PUBLISHING NEWS: For the first time, print-on-demand and short run published books were printed than traditional big runs. POD has recently doubled the number of books published while traditional runs dropped by over three percent.

MARKETS: Jessica Faust of Bookends defines women’s fiction.

MARKETS: Agent Kristin Nelson is in NY talking to fiction editors, and she’s asking them what they are buying. First up, St. Martin’s.

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