Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Links of Interest

CRAFT: An article on the difference between showing and telling.

FLASH FICTION CONTEST: TRI Studio LLC, owner of the free ezine for writers, The Fiction Flyer, announces a contest for writers of fiction, judged by youth book illustrator and author Kevin Collier, author Kristen Collier, and author and promotional guru, Carolyn Howard-Johnson. Contest details may be viewed here:
PROMOTION: Lucienne Diver, agent and author, talks about using others to help with promotion.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Agent Kristin Nelson talks about a nasty little secret involving electronic rights hidden in the new Penguin contract.

CRAFT: A nice article by Jesaka Long on developing your writer’s voice.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Harlequin Books is having a very successful year when many publishing companies are struggling.

AMAZON KINDLE NEWS: Amazon has just announced a much larger Kindle which is aimed at the textbook and newspaper markets.

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