Monday, May 27, 2013

Announcing A Summer Reading Series

Next week, I’m starting a series of articles on Jim Butcher’s first “Dresden Files” novel, STORM FRONT.  "The Dresden Files" is considered the gold standard of urban fantasy as well as one of the first and most successful of these series.  

I'll be talking about urban fantasy, the mystery within urban fantasy, STORM FRONT as a PI detective story, and STORM FRONT as a fantasy novel.  I'll also be analyzing Harry and the other major characters.  

Even if you aren’t a fan or writer of urban fantasy, I suggest you keep up with these articles because you’ll learn something.  This novel may also show you what you’ve been missing by not reading urban fantasy.

Reader participation will be very welcome.

You will have at least two weeks to find and read STORM FRONT before I start talking spoilers.  

SCHEDULE NOTE:  I’ll be posting these articles every Monday, and I will continue my Wednesday “Links of Interest.”

QUESTIONS:  I’ll continue to answer writing questions, but I’ll answer them directly to you rather than via my blog so you’ll receive them in a timely manner.  I’ll post the questions to the blog after I finish this reading course.  To ask me a question, use my blog or my listserv to contact me.  

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