Monday, July 4, 2011

"They" Say Our Books are Garbage

There have been a number of controversies on the Internet lately about why some kinds of books aren’t included in the “best of” or some other list where a group doesn’t include books by women or popular genre novels.  
Sure, this isn’t fair, but it’s a sad fact of life that popular fiction and women writers never seem to get the respect they deserve.
My question about these controversies is why should we give a rat's ass what they think?
"They" are like the father who will never give his approval because he doesn't have it in him to give it.  "They" have their own agendas.  "They" need someone to look down on, and women writers and popular genres are easy targets.  We also make such a lovely squawk when "they" bully us, and they love that.  
"They" also will not ever read or buy our books so why are we wasting our time seeking their approval?
I can more than take care of myself when someone I meet denigrates popular genre.  I will raise my eyebrow in my best Spock impression and proceed to pound them into dust with my academic credentials and my extensive knowledge of genre theory.  I will bore them into submission by giving in detail how my science fiction romance STAR-CROSSED gives more than a nod to ROMEO AND JULIET.  I will wow them with my enthusiasm for the genres I love.
But I don't usually bother when "they" start spouting their usual nonsense because it isn't worth the trouble.