Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Links of Interest

ONLINE SECURITY: The importance of watching what you say online.

GOALS: Sometimes, even a minor goal will do in a scene.

AGENTS: Links to posts about why agents do what they do with querying authors.

THE BEST WRITING ADVICE: Article 1 of 4. I won't link to the rest.

SOFTWARE: Free programs for journaling. Most are MS with some Mac and Linux.

BODY LANGUAGE: A writing cliche? How to avoid the cliche while using body language.

MARKET WARNING: Primarily for the horror market. A plagiarist who solicits works for various magazines then publishes it under his own name.




BAD OPENING PAGES: Why those first page are bad.


Marilynn's Workshop Schedule and Information LInks

"The Big Question: How to Create a Powerful Novel from a Few Ideas and One Big Question" November 1-28, 2010.

Have you ever read a story then felt dissatisfied by it as you put it down? All the story elements--plot, characters, romance, and suspense--were there, but something was missing. That something is often called depth or resonance, and it's that element that turns an ordinary story into one you couldn't put down.

How do you write a story like that? It starts with the creation of the story. I’ll show you how to take a simple plot idea, premise, or character and turn it into a novel with resonance.

"Deconstructing Jim Butcher's STORM FRONT" November 8-13, 2010.

Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files" series is one of the best-written and most successful urban fantasy series today. I will analyze STORM FRONT, the first novel, as an urban fantasy, as a genre-blending mix of fantasy and detective noir, and as a great model for worldbuilding for a series. I will also show how the hero, Harry Dresden, is a perfect mixture of other worldly powers and human strengths and weaknesses. Paranormal romance authors will also find this analysis of interest.

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Thank you for the link, Marilyn! Lots of helpful info on this post.