Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Links of Interest

CRAFT: That first page of your novel. What it needs and what it doesn't.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Enhanced ebook rights versus movie rights.

CRAFT: How to avoid being preachy.

CRIME FICTION RESOURCE: Crimespace is for readers and writers of crime fiction with info about books and writing. A really excellent list of research resources.

PROMOTION: The value or lack of value of giving away your writing in different stages of your career, including unpublished.

PACE: Creating pace in a thriller.

FORENSICS: Exhumation of a body.

PROMOTION: Author branding.


SEQUELS: Should you or shouldn't you?


CHARACTERS: Resources on mental illness.

HISTORICAL FANTASY UP TO STEAMPUNK: A three-part blog on the past, present, and future (steampunk) in historical fantasy.

CHARACTERS: Quirks and hobbies that will make a character more interesting.

COPYRIGHT AND CONTRACTS: A loophole in the 1978 Copyright Act will allow authors with book contracts from that period to renegotiate their terms.

PROMOTION: Online blog tours.…-rs/

CHARACTERS: The psychology of the serial killer.

CHARACTERS: What to show and not show in the first scenes with your main character.

CONFLICT: Why should the reader care?

STORY: Back story, present story, and hidden story in a novel.

COPYRIGHT: 10 misconceptions about copyright.

BLOGGER GOODIES: New features and apps for blogs.


Marilynn's Workshop Schedule and Information Links

Last week to register. "Magic, Monsters and Amour: Creating a Believable Paranormal, Fantasy, or SF World." October 4-31, 2010.

Are vampires, fairies, and space aliens real? If you create the right background for your paranormal romance, they will be to a reader. I'll show you how to create a fantasy or paranormal background from scratch and how to make it utterly believable.

"The Big Question: How to Create a Powerful Novel from a Few Ideas and One Big Question" November 8-13, 2010.

Have you ever read a story then felt dissatisfied by it as you put it down? All the story elements--plot, characters, romance, and suspense--were there, but something was missing. That something is often called depth or resonance, and it's that element that turns an ordinary story into one you couldn't put down.

How do you write a story like that? It starts with the creation of the story. I?ll show you how to take a simple plot idea, premise, or character and turn it into a novel with resonance.

"Deconstructing Jim Butcher's STORM FRONT" November 8-13, 2010.

Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files" series is one of the best-written and most successful urban fantasy series today. I will analyze STORM FRONT, the first novel, as an urban fantasy, as a genre-blending mix of fantasy and detective noir, and as a great model for worldbuilding for a series. I will also show how the hero, Harry Dresden, is a perfect mixture of other worldly powers and human strengths and weaknesses. Paranormal romance authors will also find this analysis of interest.

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