Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Links of Interest

SELF-EDITING: The stages used during the self-editing process.

EBOOK FORMATS AND READERS: A primer on the ePub format standard and how to transfer an epub book into your ereader.

US LIBRARIES AND EBOOKS: A report on libraries and ebooks from the State Library Agencies.

COPYRIGHT: Resources on copyright, fair use, public domain, etc.

PSEUDONYMS: The joys and challenges of having more than one name you write under.

ART GENERATOR LINKS: For creating your own online avatar, spiffying up your website, or redesigning your blog.

CHARACTERS: Making a character relatable for the reader.

PROMOTION: Perking up your author bio.

CHARACTERS: What STAR WARS teaches us about character introductions.


PACING: How to increase the pace in your novel.


BUSINESS OF WRITING: Setting up your writing business.

WORDPRESS PLUGINS: Ways to add neat extras to your Wordpress blog.

POINT OF VIEW: The advantages and disadvantages of different types of POV.

RESOURCES: Fantasy resources.

COPS AND SUPERHEROES: This deals with comics, but it's good advice for the urban fantasy author, too.


PROMOTION: Using Facebook tags for book promotion.

AGENTS: Online resources for finding an agent.

PLOT: Creating an explosive climax to your novel.

CHARACTERS: What makes a bad guy bad?

CHARACTERS: Questions to ask in creating a main character.

MARKETS: What RWA National editors are looking for.

REWRITING: Advice on how to get started.

CHARACTERS: Creating a character others refer to but isn't there. (Think the dead wife in REBECCA.)

AUTHOR GOALS: Pitching your project according to your writer goal. Long, but worth the read.



Magic, Monsters and Amour: Creating a Believable Paranormal, Fantasy, or SF World. October 4-31, 2010 at October 4-31, 2010 at

Are vampires, fairies, and space aliens real? If you create the right background for your paranormal romance, they will be to a reader. I'll show you how to create a fantasy or paranormal background from scratch and how to make it utterly believable.

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