Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Links of Interest

CRAFT: What makes a character so unlikeable that it ruins the book.

BUSINESS OF WRITING: Bookkeeping basics for writers.

PLOT: Starting from an idea. (A bit different from the method I teach in "The Big Question."

PACE: Using pace in a novel.

MARKETS: Mainly short stories in the sf/fantasy market.

CRAFT: Figuring out why your character does something. Plot goals.

CHARACTERS: Active versus reactive characters.

QUERIES AND PARTIALS: How an agency reads them.

QUERIES: How to write the one sentence summary of your book.

CRAFT: Yet more ways to show time passage and events learned or done. The equivalent of a movie time montage.


I am hosting the family for a week so I'll be offline with no posts next week. To keep yourself amused play in the archives or check out the articles on my website .

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