Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Links of Interest

CRAFT: How to show the reader a character's skills/powers/whatever without being boring.

PROMOTION: What to do with extra galleys (ARCs) before you are published.

PROMOTION: The value of having short stories in anthologies.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Cost comparisons between paper and ebooks.

ONLINE IDEA GENERATORS: A list of plot, worldbuilding, name, etc., generators to get the ideas flowing.

TWITTER FOR WRITERS: For those who Twitter, here are some excellent resources for writers.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: That live appointment with an editor or agent at a convention. How to be "beautiful."

BUSINESS OF WRITING: Why you should keep copies of everything you write.

WORLDBUILDING: The world or the story? Which should come first?

CRAFT: Rearranging to make your book stronger.

CRAFT: The antagonist and the protagonist. A really nice piece on how each works with the other in a story.

PROMOTION: Using your email list for promotion.

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