Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Links of Interest

CHARACTERS: Why the characters make a book a keeper.

WRITING: Finding the hints in your writing of coming events in a novel.

PROMOTION: Setting up a writer's blog.

PROMOTION: How an author turned her books into bestsellers on the Kindle.

CRAFT: Creating tension with description.

BUSINESS OF WRITING: Planning ahead so you'll get your writing done tomorrow.

THE IDEA FAIRY: Where good ideas come from and how you can get more.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: How self-publishing a book can hurt you if it was given an ISBN.

BUSINESS OF WRITING: Examples of how to create goals for your writing and your career.

LIFE OF A WRITER: It's not just a hobby or avocation, it's a lifestyle.

LIFE OF A WRITER: The need to be a public you and the private you online and why you should.


Milo said...

Thanks so much for these links! They are already being bookmarked. Just found your site and am madly in love. I've spent the past few hours pillaging your archives :)

Conda Douglas said...

Great links, thanks--and oh, I found via Lia's links on the Maass thread.