Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Links of Interest

CONTEST: The Jim Baen Memorial Book Contest

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: The 15 things you need to know between "the end" and "send."

NEGOTIATING CONTRACTS: Part 5 of Kristine Rusch's series. When do you and when don't you need someone else to negotiate the contract.

EBOOK FORMATS: A feature on how to format an ebook for the most popular readers.

WHAT AN EDITOR IS LOOKING FOR: The top 10 questions a Dutton editor asks herself when she is looking at a submission.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: The difference between distributors and wholesalers in getting your book on the bookstore shelf.

HOW MUCH AN AUTHOR MAKES: Fantasy author Jim C. Hines talks about his publishing come from 2009.

CRAFT: The difficulties of making analogies in made-up worlds.

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