Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Links of Interest

WORLDBUILDING: Highly respected fantasy author Katherine Kerr shows how she created her magical world.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: The tricky out-of-print contract clause.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Why publishers are having an increasingly bad time of pushing specific titles, particularly nonfiction.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: How the no-competition clause in a publishing contract affects separate electronic rights.

CRAFT: The inciting event in a novel.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Yet more words to know about books sold--sell in, sell through, returns and earn out. Simple words that can make or break your career.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: An overview of the revision of the Google Book agreement with links to various articles.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Introduction to the things you need to do to get ready to submit your novel to agents or publishers.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Three things you want to figure out before you try to sell your book to agents or publishers.

Agent Irene Goodman will auction off 25 partial (3 chapters and a synopsis) critiques for charity.

NEW WORD OF THE YEAR: The people at New Oxford American Dictionary have choosen their new word of the year among such contenders as netbook, ecotown, teabagger, hashtag, intexticated, unfriend, and sexting.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Ebook sales are exploding, and paper book sales are getting better.

BUSINESS OF PUBLISHING: Agent Kristin Nelson gives her take on Harlequin's new self-publishing/vanity press line, Horizons.

EDITOR INTERVIEW: Harlequin editor Charles Griemsman.

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