Monday, August 4, 2008

Market news and updates

I've been reading many of the blogs about RWA National which was held in San Francisco. Few have been more than "my feet hurt" and "I met this person or did this," but I have found this interesting comment on the paranormal market courtesy of agent Kristin Nelson. You'll find it here: It's the July 31st blog.

In a blog last week, Jessica Faust of Bookends talks about her views of what is happening in the romance market. It's well worth a read. You'll find it here:

If I find more market news in blogs, I'll pass it along.

A science fiction and fantasy editor for Del Rey, Liz Scheier, is interviewed here:


As luck would have it, PSYCHIC KIDS disappeared off the A&E schedule right after I talked about it as a research source for psychic characters. I've learned that it will be back August 9th. It is also available at iTunes. You can find information here: Click on the schedule button for more showings.

If you'd like to read an author who gets it right with a Southern setting, read Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series. Every element of Sookie's upbringing and the Southern life and its "rules" is pitch perfect. This author obviously writes what she knows.

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